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Orin – Minimal Blog For WordPress

Version 1.1 is out! (13 March 2022) Click here to view the changes.

Orin is a personal blog WordPress theme designed for people who love minimalism and simplicity. This theme has a slider for featured posts, a hidden sidebar for widgets, and the ability to switch between fonts and color styles. It also supports popup images and popup galleries. In addition, this theme is fully responsive and looks good on mobile devices. Use it to make something cool!

Feature list

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x.
  • Minimal and easy to use.
  • Optimized for both editors: Block Editor and Classic editor. Use the one you like!
  • The theme has a responsive design and looks good on mobile devices.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.
  • Includes a set of Font Awesome icons (Version 5+, 1600+ icons).
  • Theme settings powered by WordPress Customizer. You can see all available settings in the online documentation.
  • Two positions for menus: header and footer.
  • Dropdown menu support (Only menu in the header).
  • Sticky header (It can be disabled in the theme settings).
  • Live switching between two different styles: Light and Dark. Each visitor can choose one of the color schemes (light or dark), and the theme will remember the choice of each visitor to improve the usability of the site.
  • Live switching between two types of fonts: Sans Serif and Serif fonts. Any of your visitors will also be able to choose the type of fonts that will be more convenient for them, and the theme will remember this choice for each visitor.
  • Dropdown search form in the header.
  • Two types of logo: Text logo and Image.
  • Slider with posts. You can display posts by category (all categories or one selected category) or your featured posts in this slider. Each featured post for the slider can be selected manually.
  • Masonry layout for blog posts.
  • Views counter for each post.
  • Comments counter.
  • “Back to top” button.
  • Support for Contact Form 7.
  • Five post formats:
    • Standard post format;
    • Image post format – Format for displaying posts with your featured images;
    • Gallery post format – This format supports displaying a slider with your images;
    • Video post format – Format for displaying videos from popular video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc);
    • Audio post format – Format for displaying your SoundCloud audio compositions.
  • Support for popup images and galleries.
  • “About the author” section.
  • Section with Related posts on single post pages.
  • Hidden sidebar with smooth animation.
  • Three additional areas for widgets in the footer:
    • Footer: Left Column – This area is located in the footer in the left column;
    • Footer: Center Column – This area is located in the footer in the center column;
    • Footer: Right Column – This area is located in the footer in the right column.
  • Five additional widgets:
    • Orin: List Of Posts – Displays a list of posts with a background image (featured image);
    • Orin: Popular Posts – Displays a list of popular posts;
    • Orin: Random Posts – Displays a list of random posts;
    • Orin: Recent Posts – Displays a list of recent posts;
    • Orin: Social Links – Displays links to social profiles.
  • Social share buttons:
    • Twitter;
    • Facebook;
    • Reddit.
  • Translation ready (Every word and phrase that is used in this theme can be translated into your language).
  • Includes XML file with demo data.
  • Step by step documentation. Offline documentation is also included.

Please note

Orin will only work with WordPress.ORG software.


Version 1.1 – 13 March 2022

- Documentation
- POT translation file (/orin/languages/orin.pot)

- Added a hidden H1 heading with the site name to pages where it is not possible to add this tag. These are the following pages: homepage with the latest posts, all archive pages, and search results page. The site name can be added in your WordPress settings: "Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Title".
- New theme settings (Appearance > Customize):
- Added the ability to increase the first post on all pagination pages: "Appearance > Customize > Blog Posts > Posts > Increase the first post on pagination pages or not?";
- Added a new section with settings: "Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings";
- Show or hide the "Back To Top" button: "Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Show "Back to top" button";
- Added the ability to cancel text transformation for some text elements: "Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Cancel text transformation for some text elements";
- The following section with settings has been renamed: "Appearance > Customize > Colors And Cookies --> Styles And Cookies";
- Added setting to change default fonts: "Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Fonts: Sans-Serif Or Serif";
- Added setting to change the default site style: "Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Site Style: Light Or Dark".

- Some minor CSS issues

* P.S. Thanks to everyone who advised good ideas for this update! I also want to apologize that some of the settings that you wrote to me about were not included in this update. However, they are all saved in my journal. I can't guarantee that all suggested settings and features will be added, but I always think about every suggested setting and feature. Once again, thank you very much to all of you!

* During testing, there were issues with the following new features:
- Offset for posts in the slider;
- Ability to hide the logo on single post pages and single pages.
For this reason, these features have not been included in this version. However, I will keep thinking about them.

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Orin:...


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