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ClassifiedPro – Local Ads & ReCommerce WordPress Theme

Speed Up Article Publishing!

Rapidly Publish Posts to Multiple WordPress Sites with this Lightweight Plugin.

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Table of Contents

ClassifiedPro, built with the powerful CubeWP Framework, is a versatile WordPress theme designed for creating classified ad websites where users can buy and sell used or new items ranging from household goods and electronics to automobiles and real estate properties, all within just a few clicks.

What sets ClassifiedPro apart is its capability to support three unique post types, each with its own dedicated home page. These include General items, Automotive, and Real Estate properties.

Moreover, the ClassifiedPro theme breaks the mold by being a hybrid, catering to both local classified websites for cash-only transactions and local pickup, and re-commerce websites, supporting online transactions and shipping. This dual functionality gives you a competitive edge, significantly amplifying your revenue potential.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • AI-powered Recommendation Engine
  • ‘Make an Offer’ functionality
  • Peer-to-Peer messaging system
  • Separate home pages for each post type
  • Front-end submission feature with live preview
  • Highly customizable frontend form builder
  • Advanced search form, fully customizable
  • Customizable advanced filters
  • User registration that can be fully tailored to your needs
  • User profiles featuring trust indicators and social proof, fully customizable
  • Options to promote ad posts (PPC/PPD)
  • Various pricing plans (Pay per Ad / Buy Packages)
  • Multilevel ad banner placement
  • User-friendly dashboard for intuitive user experience. So why wait? Start your own online marketplace today with ClassifiedPro!

Built with CubeWP Framework

Frequently Asked Questions #

Q: Is the theme regularly updated and supported?

A: Yes, we provide regular updates and dedicated support.

Q: What is included in the theme package?

A: The package includes the theme files, demo content, documentation, and any bundled plugins will be installed during setup.

Q: Is the theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

A: Yes, our themes are compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Q: Do I need to pay additional for features or plugins shown in the demo?

A: No, all essential features and plugins are included in the theme purchase.

Q: Can I use the theme for multiple websites?

A: A single license covers one website. For multiple websites, purchase additional licenses.

Q: What is the theme’s performance like, and is it optimized for SEO?

A: Our themes are optimized for fast performance and follow SEO best practices.

Q: Which page builder is compatible with ClassifiedPro?

A: Elementor

Q: Is it possible to edit commission for a product and earn a commission?

A: Yes, it is possible to edit commission for a product and earn a commission.

Q: What are the pricing plan options available in ClassifiedPro?

A: ClassifiedPro offers two pricing plan options:

  1. Packages (Credits bundle)
  2. Pay per Post

These options allow you to choose the most suitable pricing plan for your specific needs.

Q: Does ClassifiedPro support multi-criteria reviews and ratings?

A: Yes, ClassifiedPro supports multi-criteria reviews and ratings.

Q: Can the theme be used just as a Properties or an Automotive website only?

A: Yes, you can also create new post types like Jobs etc.

Q: Can I customize the theme as per my requirements?

A: ClassifiedPro is based on the CubeWP Framework, which offers various styles for search, home page, single post layout, etc. You can customize these aspects according to your preferences.

Q: Can I customize the URL structure?

A: ClassifiedPro uses the default WordPress URL permalink structure, but you can use any Custom Permalinks WordPress Plugin to modify the URL structure.

Q: Can I add SMS verification for spam registrations?

A: ClassifiedPro currently offers email verification.

Q: Can I use ClassifiedPro as an add-on to the ListingPro theme?

A: No, ClassifiedPro is a theme and cannot be used as a ListingPro addon.

Q: Can I build a directory website with ClassifiedPro?

A: You can create a Classified Ads directory.

Q: Can I build a Classified website without re-commerce/e-commerce features?

A: Yes you can.

Q: What should I do if I’m facing issues when importing dummy content?

A: It’s possible that server resources are causing the issue. Please upgrade your server resources and check the server requirements in the theme documentation. If you still face issues, open a ticket via the helpdesk at

Q: Does the theme support RTL languages?

A: No, currently ClassifiedPro theme doesn’t support RTL languages.

Q: Does the theme support WPML?

A: No, currently ClassifiedPro theme doesn’t support WPML.

Q: Are there any customization services available?

A: For customization services, request a free quote


Version: 1.0.11 – 18th August 2023

* Added: 3 New Home pages designs added
* Added: Now you can select demo from 9 option from the import screen
* Added: Offer received to Author email type added in the Email Template
* Added: Offer submitted to customer email type added in the Email Template
* Added: Order received to Author Email added in the Email Template
* Added: Order Canceled to Author email added in the Email Template
* Added: Order completed to Author Email added in the Email Template
* Added: Order shipped to customer Email Added in the Email Template
* Added: Order completed to customer email added in the Email Template
* Added: User verification email option added into CubeWP Email Template
* Fixed: Few Warnings due to PHP 8.2
* Tweaks: UI/UX Improvements

Version: 1.0.10 – 19th June 2023

* Added: Watermark option added to uploaded gallery and featured image in CubeWP Settings.
* Added: Option to fetch post by post meta in Classified Items Widget, EG: Fetch ads with used or new condition only
* Added: Option to delete media upon Ads deletion in the CubeWP Settings
* Added:...


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